Assessment Plans

A recent study conducted by R J Metrics showed that over 80% of Pinterest activity consists of repinning pins; in contrast, a study conducted which examined the first few years of Twitter activity showed that only 1.4% of tweets were retweets.  This major difference in resharing information proves a need to keep track of the number of repins on our site as it is a significant means of sharing information on Pinterest.  The following will be used to evaluate our site’s engagement, reach and exposure.


Pinreach is a free tool that can be used to measure Pinterest account engagement activity.  The tool analyses pins and repins as well as number of followers and those whom are being followed.  The tool creates an engagement score based on the number of pin/repin activity and followers/ following.  Repins add more value to the score than do simple pins while new followers add more to the score than do the number being followed.  Scores range from 0-100.  Most users of the service fall between a score of 21-40 (78%).  We will use Pinreach on a weekly basis to monitor engagement on the account.  The targeted weekly outcome will be to score between 21-40.  Pinreach provides information about the most popular pins and boards.  We will also use this tool to keep track of the most prevalent pins and boards on our subject guides.

Other Linked Social Media Sites

As our Pinterest account is linked with other social networking sites, we will also need to evaluate Pinterest activity on those accounts in an effort to examine their effectiveness for marketing the subject guides.

Blog site

We will keep track of the number of comments submitted on our Pinterest-related posts we add to the library’s blog site.  This will give us an idea what people are saying about the subject guides.  Comments will be monitored on a monthly basis assuming posts related to our Pinterest subject guides are uploaded to the blog site.


We will use Facebook Analytics to determine the number of times our links to the Pinterest subject guides were clicked, liked or commented on.  We will keep track of any duplicate comments and commenters in an attempt to limit over-reporting of activity generated by marketing the subject guides via Facebook.  Facebook activity will be monitored on a weekly-basis assuming new content is being shared on at least a weekly-basis.


Tweetreach will be used to analyze Pinterest activity on Twitter.  All tweets related to the WWII library guide will include the hashtag #LIBR246_WWIIguide.  Tweetreach generates a report which includes: the reach of the message; the exposure of the tweets (how many accounts received the tweet); the number of tweets and contributors whom tweeted or retweeted the content; which tweets were the most retweeted; and when the tweets occurred.  Tweetreach reports will be generated on a weekly-basis assuming new content is being shared on at least a weekly-basis.


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